Welcome to GR Fresh

GR Fresh is focused on three specific sectors that have become the company’s pillars for success: production, distribution and transportation. Through these efforts, we've been firmly rooted in the fresh produce industry and stick by our firm beliefs in sustainability, social responsibility and excellence in safe food production. Thanks to our six decade-long presence in Mexico, we are ready to enter demanding domestic markets to develop partnerships that share our goals and vision.

Our Promise to You

GR Fresh is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the freshest and highest-quality produce through the use of innovative technologies while upholding high standards throughout production and distribution. We pride ourselves in high-yield production practices and a strong social commitment to our customers, employees and the environment. Our promise is that, by choosing us, we will always uphold these standards for your satisfaction.

Sliced Cucumbers
Bell Peppers
Fresh Cucumber
Child and his mother shopping for vegetables

Our social responsibility starts with the very people that uphold our company’s commitment.

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